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As a mama and serial entrepreneur, I’ve become an all-out CHAMPION for small, creative, businesses.

I love to see folks out there dreaming, fearing the leap, and jumping anyway. It takes guts to get to the glory, and so many people have it in spades these days.

Oh, and if you happen to have a couple of x chromosomes, too? You have my heart.

That’s right, I’m biased. I adore women who are out there chasing passion projects. Why? I believe it is often harder for us. We have to carve out the time we don’t have, contend with a sink full of dishes, get up in the middle of the night (over and over and over and over again), and punch our penchant to apologize for EVERYTHING right in the face. It’s exhausting, and then we get up and do it again tomorrow.

I get it. I get you.

And, I want to help.

You can do GREAT things.

My days are a beautiful balance between my work as a brand strategist and simply being my gorgeous kiddo’s mama. It’s the work-life balance I’ve always wanted, and my heart aches for the many women I know who want this, too, but believe it’s a pie-in-the-sky dream.

It’s not. You can change your whole life, and I want to be PART of that change.

As they say, you make time for the things that really matter, and it’s true. What really matters to me… what keeps me up at night… is figuring out how to help other women do big things with their small businesses.

I’ve successfully launched three small businesses of my own and have helped to launch, promote, or market many more. What I come back to over and over again is my desire to help women grow their dreams. It’s taken me years to GET IT, but finally, I know.

My passion is helping good women do great things.


You need clarity.

I believe women fundamentally approach business differently. Business isn’t “just business” to us; it’s personal.

You want to build a family and an empire, but you also need that combination to make sense and not run you ragged.

This is possible. Don’t listen to the naysayers or the work-all-day’ers.

Clarity - Amanda

I can help you…

+ cut through the clutter and busywork
+ zero in on your customer, so you don’t spend time marketing to the wrong people
+ truly understand your brand and your customer value
+ develop a specific set of key factors that will act as “bumpers” in your business decision making. (I call these “Goal Posts” and “Red Flags.”)
+ strategically position your business, so that clients come to YOU instead of you chasing leads
+ carve out your brand positioning, so that you can market with “marketing”
+ create a business that serves your clients, but also serves you too

Are you ready?

Quite simply, not everyone is ready to step outside of old habits and make a change.  Let’s find out where you fall…

This is right for you if…

+ You already have an established business or a solid idea for what product or service you want to offer.

Confidence - Molly+ You are web savvy and understand the basic mechanics of how to set up social media profiles.

+ You are willing to TRY new things.

+ You feel a little lost when trying to describe your business or when it comes time to “close the deal.”

+ You are motivated to make your dreams happen. You are a dreamer AND a doer.

+ You have a really great product or service that your customers or clients really NEED, but you just can’t seem to communicate that or reach the right people.

+ You love — REALLY LOVE — what you do.

Accountable - ElisabethThis is NOT right for you if…

+ You don’t have a business concept at all. (There are a ton of great life/business coaches out there that help with this, but I am not one of them.)

+ You aren’t willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

+ You’ve never heard of Twitter or Facebook.

+ You are simply hoping to make a quick buck with your business.

+ You aren’t willing to get your hands dirty or do your “homework” for your business.

+ You aren’t a positive, get ‘ish done type of person.

Karen Testimonial
Mama first. CEO second.

It’s simple really. You have your family. You have your passion.

Stop the juggling.

Let’s build the family-first business of your DREAMS.

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