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Freelance Life

I started working again in October after my maternity leave. Spending all that time with my boy those first few weeks was amazing and also? It’s pretty necessary. It easily takes 12 weeks to feel… well, to feel like a human again. It’s heartbreaking to think that many women are forced to return to work much, much sooner. Heck, after a somewhat complicated birth, I still sometimes feel like I’m not entirely physically healed even now. Originally, I believed I’d be able to work without care for the kiddo. During a (telephone) business meeting in October, it became abundantly clear that this wouldn’t work at all, so we’ve hired a friend of mine to nanny for us. Having her here means that I can have a professional life, while also nursing and having little pockets of time with Elliott throughout the day. It is THE BEST, and I’m incredibly grateful that we can do things this way. All of my life, I’ve wanted to be a work-from-home mama. I never wanted to entirely give up …