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For the Memories

What if I forget something?

Last night, I nearly had a panic attack over this very question.

The truth is, of course, I will forget something. I already have. In Elliott’s almost five months of life, there have been expressions, sounds, and moments that were beautiful and are now lost to my memory.

I keep telling myself I should keep a written journal. I always have. (There’s just something about handwriting the moments of your life.) Now, though, I have so little time and typing is much, much faster.

So, here is a list. For the memories.

+ On Friday, Elliott started sitting up. He was so focused on the pattern of his sheets that he didn’t even realize he was holding himself up. Now, he loves sitting. He’s a bit like the tinman (woooooah one way, then woooooah the other), but he’s getting the hang of it FAST.

+ Last week, he started trying to “trick” me. He would stick out his lower lip like he was sad, and when I said, “Heeeey. What’s wrong?” he laughed like he’d made a joke. He’s done it a few times since. (It’s still hilarious.)

+ In the early morning hours, I wash dishes and he sits in his swing chewing on his dog. I dance around, usually to something silly — Taylor Swift’s “22” or something — and he looks at me like I hung the moon.

+ Lately, he is obsessed with getting the label off my water bottles, and he gets SO MAD when he can’t do it (which is always).

+ He adores his little sock doggy and will do “attack baby” on his face. He wants to taste everything! That’s how he shows his love.

+ He loves what we call his “play station.” Not sure what it’s actually called. He sits in it and it has toys and a springy board under his feet.

+ When he first heard Adele’s “Hello,” he looked around the room like, “Where’s the angel?”

+ When he wakes in the morning and sees his daddy, he breaks out into a huge grin. Come to think of it, I do that when I see his daddy, too. šŸ™‚

+ Despite the fact that he can’t crawl or walk, he can easily move from one side of me to the very edge of the sofa when I’m sitting (usually, he’s trying to get a hold of that darn water bottle’s label). It’s amazing how mobile he is!

+ He loves the “Baby Touch and Feel” books, especially “Things That Go.”

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